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Radical Anti-Racist Example Training

Anti-racism training for those who want to be an ally.

Ally means:

to bind to,

to join forces with,

to unite, and to


Being considered an Ally of a community is an honor, and Ally is an awarded title. A person cannot declare themselves an ally. One’s behavior, actions, words, and manner in which they join forces with a community in an effective effort to protect and uplift said community may lead to being deemed an Ally. 

Ally is not a terminal title. It is not a certificate or a plaque that assures accreditation. Being an ally is a life-long commitment to Learning, Being and Doing. It is a mental and physical investment and an acknowledgment that Equity is imperative to the evolution of society as a whole. An Ally of the Black LGBTQ communities is dedicated to the eradication of racism in all forms - Institutional, Systemic, Blatant, Implicit- Publicly, Privately, Purposefully. 

An Ally will not call themselves an ally. This is why we are Radical Anti-Racist Examples (RARE). RARE people will be accountable for our actions, our behaviors, our words, our impact, our effectiveness, our dedication and our commitment to the defense, empowerment, and protection of LGBTQ People of Color. 

We will listen. We will know when to Shut Up and Sit Down. We will know when to Speak Up against racism. We will be as Culturally Competent as possible while also acknowledging that we will never be completely Culturally Competent. We will educate ourselves, our families, our peers, our communities, our world. And we will not be stopped by white fragility or fear or failure. 501.838.6666 


The RARE, Tonya Estell
The RARE, Tonya Estell