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change begins with US

change begins with US

change begins with USchange begins with USchange begins with US

MISSION - To increase the overall 

well-being of people who have multiple marginalized identities! 

About Us

Our Mission


Mission — To increase the overall well-being of the:

  • Black & Brown LGBTQ community
  • People with HIV
  • People with Mental Health Issues
  • People Who are Differently Abled
  • Immigrants
  • People Living in Poverty 

Purpose — To provide culturally appropriate activities, services, and support programs for the excessively marginalized population in Arkansas that ultimately have a direct impact on our ability to achieve equity and to successfully manage the ways in which we exist in the world.

Plan — To provide leadership, programs, space and continuity which supports the optimum level of equity for people living in the margins. 

Vision — Equity for the marginalized community.


the creation

     Thirty years ago, a part of the LGBT Community came together after protesting their racist treatment at a local nightclub. This led to the first Black Gay club in Arkansas, The Grand Alley. A partnership was formed between the Grand Alley and the HIV/AIDS Health Department workers to provide HIV prevention and testing to this community. The epidemic took its toll on the Black Gay Community virtually eliminating a whole generation of young men less than thirty years of age. Tributes such as the annual Suisse Mocha Picnic was created which later became Black Gay Pride. 

     Thirty years later, the Black and Brown LGBTQ Community still suffers from a lack of resources, social and human capital. Because of these deficiencies and the loss of entire generations, there is a need to rebuild the actual fabric of community through health, social and economic development. But first, we must seek the equity needed to level the many fields of our socio-eco-political lives. The Urban Sanctuary has taken the lead on navigating from the margins. 

     Organizations have come and gone who laid the groundwork for Urban Sanctuary, such as Brotha's & Sista's, The Minority AIDS Task Force, RAIN and The Living Affected Corporation. These organizations set the stage through debilitating and groundbreaking work to make many of today's organizations possible. Urban Sanctuary has taken the lessons learned to create the equity needed and asks that the marginalized communities accept that it is their social responsibility to have this posterity. 

     Urban Sanctuary believes self-efficacy and self-value will lead to defining our successes. We see a space for therapeutic equity sessions that empower people in the margins to overcome the obstacles that systemic racism has placed in our way. We have created social enterprises which will lead many out of poverty and the mindset of being poor. We embrace our allies and open our arms to those that truly want to be an ally. We also will unapologetically use our voice to speak truth to power and use our bodies to ensure that no policy is written about us without us. 

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